Towing Tips

If you are considering using your personal car for towing activities, you need to pay special attention to a series of factors. You might not be a professional tow driver, but following the right steps ensures that you get the job done quickly and safely.

Below are a few towing tips that will go a long way in ensuring the success of the activity.

1. Get your equipment right

You are going to need a raft of pieces that come handy when you are hitching a car or a boat to the back of your vehicle. Mounts, hooks, locks and hitch couplers will be your tools of trade here, and you need to ensure that you have the very last one of them. Go for accessories that are in top condition and stay away from pieces that look too worn and those whose stability seems compromised.

2. Think about the load

Boats and cars might look small to the average eye, but you have to know how much what you need to tow weighs. You really do not need to go far-just look at the body of the boat, trailer or car you intend to tow. You should be able to see the weight specifications. The figure you see will help you determine just how much exertion and fuel is required.

3. Know your towing limits

A quick look at your manual will give you an accurate idea of how much you can tow. Obey these limitations and ensure that you stay a little below the required threshold. Going over the specifications makes the project tasking. It also puts you, the people with you and those on the road in very real danger.

4. Find out the weight placed on the hitch

The hitch is your most important piece of equipment, and it needs a weight that it can hold effortlessly. If too much pressure is exerted on this part, there is a likelihood of an accident occurring. At times, you might not even be able to take off.

5. Know that weight and speed will affect stopping

There will be other cars on the road, so you will need to be very keen on your stopping distance as well as time. It is recommended that you stay 5 or 6 seconds away from the car in front of you as you prepare to stop.

6. Do not forget pre-trip inspections

Before you start out, make sure that everything is secured. Your tires need to be well-filled, your cables need to be functioning properly and the items being towed have to be firmly buckled.

7. Safety

Your safety and that of those around you matters. You will need to seal every possible loophole so that there is no room for accidents. Carry an extinguisher with you when towing. Do not take passengers in the machine being towed. If you are carrying any propane appliance, ensure that it is sealed tight and watch out for leaks. Never travel if any of the things you are towing is not firmly secured.

Towing activities put you in charge of life and property. To get to the other end safe, precautions have to be taken and the whole process has to be well thought-out.

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