Towing Service FredericksburgFredericksburg Towing Service offers every kind of roadside assistance imaginable. Whether you have been involved in an accident or your vehicle simply refuses to go, no matter how big or small it is, our Fredericksburg towing service will get you out of trouble.

Here is a list of just some of the services we can provide.

1. Accident Recovery. There are all sorts of possible scenarios, depending on the type of vehicle and the nature of the accident. You might have a heavy goods vehicle that has crashed down an embankment, a motorbike that has skidded on an icy road and damaged a wheel, a truck stuck under a narrow bridge, a multiple pile-up on the freeway, or anything in between.

Whatever the accident, you can be certain that our Fredericksburg, Virginia, towing service has seen it all before, and has the skills and the equipment to deal with it. If your vehicle is in a driveable condition, we will get you back on the road so that you can continue your journey.

If it is not, we will tow it to wherever you want to go. This could be back to your home or business premises, on to your destination, to an auto repair shop, or back to our yard until you decide – or your insurance company decides – what to do.

2. Tire Change Service.
There is no need to worry if you don’t know how to change a tire. You are not alone. A recent survey by tire manufacturer, Continental, found that one in three women don’t know how to do so, and 4% of them didn’t even know where the spare tire was located on the vehicle. Three quarters of teens don’t know how to do so, either. It is no problem. We’ll send one of our roadside mechanics out to you, and he will have you back on your wheels in no time. If your spare tire is flat, we will pump it up. If for some reason you don’t have a spare, we will get the existing tire repaired and return the wheel to you, or replace the tire if it cannot be repaired.

3. Car Lockout Assistance. 
This is another thing that feels very embarrassing, but rest assured we’ve all done something like this at one time or another. Towing Service in Fredericksburg is not here to judge you – we’re here for one purpose only, and that is to help. Our roadside engineer will get you back in to your vehicle quickly and effectively, and without causing a scratch to your paintwork.

4. Battery Jump Start Service.
There is little more infuriating than a battery which has died overnight – or worse, when you are 30 miles from home and you can’t get back again. It is no problem. We will give you a jump start so that you can get moving. If the battery is completely dead and at the end of its’ life, we will bring you a new battery and replace it for you.

5. Fuel Recovery Service.
This is another thing that has happened to almost every driver at some time. You look at the fuel gauge and think that you have enough in the tank to get you to wherever you’re going, so you drive on past the gas station, only to find that you come to a halt a couple of miles down the road. It’s no trouble. We’ll bring you a few gallons of gas to get you on your way again.

6. Hose Repairs.
There are all sorts of different hoses on the engines of motor vehicles. When there is a leak in the cooling system, you are not going to get very far before the engine overheats and stalls. We will ascertain what sort of hose you need and then get you one and fit it at the roadside. If we can’t obtain the hose you need because it is after hours, for instance, we can often effect a temporary repair at the roadside to get you going again.

7. Slipping Clutch Recovery.
This is another of those things that you just have to keep your fingers crossed about, and hope that you can make it home before the clutch gives out completely. Unfortunately, it is often the case that – however carefully you nurse it – you can’t make it home. We will tow you to where you want to go, or direct to an auto repair shop.

8. Brake Repairs.
If you have ever had a brake pad wear down to the point where there is nothing but bare metal pressing on the brake disk you will recognize the sound instantly. We will get some replacement pads to fit your vehicle and fit them at the roadside, so that you can continue to drive in safety.

9. Unauthorized Parking Towing. 
Our Fredericksburg Towing Service can remove cars or other vehicles that are parked on your land without your authority. We will simply recover it to our yard until the owner collects it. He or she will have to pay our towing and storage charges.

If a vehicle is blocking your driveway, but is parked on a public road, you need to call the police, who will issue a ticket. When they have done this, call us right away, and we can then recover the vehicle as above.

Similarly, if a vehicle has been abandoned on your property, we can tow that also.

10. Heavy Duty Towing. 
Fredericksburg Towing Service has all the necessary skills and equipment to tow your vehicle, however big it is. Our expert roadside mechanics are TRAA (Towing and Recovery Association of America), or WreckMaster certified, and in some cases both. We have all the heavy lifting gear that is necessary to recover heavy equipment, such as armored vehicles like tanks, cranes, and even train coaches on a railway.

We can tow and recover tractors, traction engines, fork lift trucks that have slipped off a ramp, or just a motorbike that has gone into a ditch. We like to say that if it has got wheels, we can tow it. No matter what time of day or night it is, or whether it is a public holiday, Fredericksburg, Virginia, towing service are at your beck and call.

When you need towing and recovery, you have a problem. Our job is to solve it for you in the most effective manner and in as timely and friendly a fashion as possible.

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