Jump Start Your Car

Imagine getting inside your car and when you turn the key, nothing happens. This can be very frustrating. One of the reasons is behind this could be a dead car battery. When this happens, it cannot supply the required electric current to start ignition. The simplest way to solve this is to find a charger to restore the charge levels. However, if you’re on the road and can’t find a power source, you may need to jump start your car battery. So, how do you safely jump start your car?

How to Jump Start A Car


1.Jumper cables
2.Vehicle with live battery


1.First, you have to get a booster vehicle and then park it near the dead vehicle. Make sure the two cars are close enough for both cables to reach each other, but without touching. Also, make sure the booster car’s battery has equal voltage rating to the dead car’s battery.

2.Shut down the booster and then put both vehicles in neutral gear. Also, switch off all the electrical accessories in the working car, including air conditioner, the radio and the windshield wipers.

3.With your gloves on, open the two hoods and get the cables. Identify positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on the batteries.

4.If any of the terminals has rust, clean it.

5.Connect the positive end (red) of the cable to positive (+) of the dead car’s cable. Connect the second end of your red jumper cable with the positive (+) terminal of the working car’s battery.

6.After connecting the positives, connect your black (negative) jumper to the negative (-) of the booster car’s battery.

7.Next, connect the second end of the black cable to ground position. The ground can be any part of the shiny metal’ on the vehicle chassis. Make sure the ground position is far from the dead car’s battery. This reduces risk of explosions, while still giving you a good ground for charge transfer.

8.Double-check that the cables reach their respective terminals without touching or going anywhere near the belts, fans, pulleys, hot exhaust manifold and any other moving part of the vehicles.

9.Turn the ignition in the booster and let it charge the dead battery for about 10 minutes.

10.Start the vehicle with the dead battery and leave it idle for a couple of minutes, while still connected to the booster car. After this, your car should start working if the dead battery was the only problem.

11. Disconnect the cables in the reserve order you connected them.

If you can’t get a booster car to help you jump start your dead battery, then you many need road assistance.

How to Get Road Assistance

Road assistance is something every driver needs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new car, it can still break down. When you need battery assistance, tire assistance, gas service or even lockout assistance, road assistance provides you with emergency services to get you back on the road.

1.To find the best service, start by checking online. There are many reputable companies and their websites will offer comparison charts.

2.Analyze the services offered by each company. The quality of the assistance and your ability to choose how the vehicle is handled varies with the roadside-assistance company.

3.Take into account how long-distance traveling will be done. Not all companies offer their services in all parts of the country. If you’re on a road trip, a 24-hour company will be the best choice.

4.Compare prices, discounts and other benefits and then choose the best company.

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