Historic Downtown Fredericksburg, VA

Along the Rappahannock River in the city of Fredericksburg lies the historic and beautiful area of Downtown Fredericksburg. This section of town, which consists of approximately 40 blocks and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is an interesting and educational place to explore when you are in the area. Historic downtown Fredericksburg offers a wide array of historic buildings, museums, eateries, art galleries, antique shops, and unforgettable scenery of the river for anyone to enjoy. If you are interested in a place that has many years of history to learn about, as well as charm and uniqueness, then historic downtown Fredericksburg is the place for you.

One of the first places that you may want to visit is the Fredericksburg Area Museum. Located at 907 Princess Anne Street, this museum consists of several buildings that display the wealth of history about the region. Fredericksburg played a very important role in the Civil War, which you will learn about in the museum, as well as see exhibits about the railroad development, currency changes, historical art displays, and so much more. Visitors can partake in special events and educational programs at the Fredericksburg Area Museum, too. The museum is open every day of the week, except for Wednesday.

The Mary Washington House is another stop you may want to explore. This home was purchased by George Washington around 1772 and was a gift for his mother, Mary Ball Washington. She lived there for the rest of her life. The house has been restored and is a wonderful place to learn about Mary and the life she lived in downtown Fredericksburg.

Rising Sun Tavern Museum is another nearby museum that you might want to visit. This building was built around 1760 by Charles Washington. Charles was the youngest brother of George Washington. The house was Charles’ home for many years, until he sold the place, and it became a tavern in 1792. The Rising Sun Tavern Museum is open every day of the week, except Tuesday. Tours and special events are held at the museum.

Across the river, you may see Chatham Manor. This beautiful home was built in 1771. The house and the surrounding property are rich in history, and it is a place to learn about life in the late 1700s-1800s. A ranger program will guide visitors that want to learn specific details of the manor’s long history.

There are many other historical buildings that you may want to see while you are in the historic downtown Fredericksburg section. Along with exploring the local history, you can also enjoy one of the nearby eateries, such as Orofino’s, the Sedona Taphouse, or Foode. You can also peruse the antique shops in the area, such as Deep Creek Vintage, The Fredericksburg Antique Mall & Clock Shop, or The Picket Post. Historic downtown Fredericksburg is a walkable area, and you can find local maps to help you decipher the various landmarks in the region. Fredericksburg is an old, quaint community and is a wonderful place to enjoy and explore any day throughout the entire year.