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Whether it’s a flat tire, dead battery, slipped clutch, or lack of gas, Stafford Towing Service is here to help. We service all local areas, including Stafford County located just north of our Fredericksburg business. When it comes to quick, affordable, and quality service, you can depend on us to deliver. We are fully committed to providing expert service, assistance, and knowledge to our Stafford customers, whether they need their vehicle towed, or require maintenance or repair. Towing Services in Stafford County is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Here’s a look at some of the top towing, rescue, and recovery services we provide:

Accident RecoveryStafford Accident recovery

When you’ve been in an accident, you should have someone on speed dial that you can immediately call for assistance. At our Stafford Towing Service, we have trained drivers and the quality equipment needed to recover your vehicle without further damage. Whether your motorcycle has skidded across an icy road, or your truck has been involved in a collision, we can handle all types of situations. If your vehicle is still in drivable condition, we’ll help you get back on the road. If not, we’ll tow your vehicle to your home, a local mechanic, or anywhere else.

Tire Change Service

Tire Change StaffordNo one expects to get a flat tire when driving, but it happens. The tire may have been punctured by a nail, or there may be a leak in the valve stem or tire bead. Whichever the cause, we can assist you with the flat by changing the tire for you. Most people don’t know how to change a tire, and that’s okay. Our Stafford Towing has a team of roadside mechanics that will go to you and change your spare tire, and even pump it up for you if it’s flat. Don’t have a spare? No problem. We’ll try to repair the existing tire or replace it with a new tire if necessary. 

Car Lockout Service

It’s happened to nearly every driver at one time or another. You go to get into your vehicle and to your surprise, you’re locked out. If this happens to you, don’t stress. Our Stafford roadside car lockout service will help you get back into the comfort of your vehicle in no time. Whether you’ve lost your key, broken your key, or locked the key inside your vehicle, we can help you gain entry back into your vehicle without causing damage. Just contact us, day or night, with your location and we’ll arrive promptly to deliver high-quality lockout service. 


Battery Jumpstart ServiceStafford Jump start

Battery in your vehicle dead? Need a quick jumpstart? Within minutes of your service request, we’ll be on our way to your location to give your vehicle the battery jumpstart it needs to get moving again. Whether your vehicle’s battery is dead in your driveway, or 30 miles away from home, we’ll come to you no matter where you are to deliver top-notch service. If your battery is completely dead and the jumpstart doesn’t do the trick, we will bring you a new battery and replace the old one for you.

Fuel Recovery Service

Many people have experienced this sort of situation. You’re driving along and you think you have plenty of gas to get to your next destination, but soon enough your vehicle is sputtering and you’re stranded roadside with no gas station for miles. So what do you do? Just call Stafford Towing Service and we’ll bring a few gallons of gas directly to your location. We’re available day and night, whenever you need a refueling. We understand that these unforeseen circumstances happen, and we’re happy to assist you when situations get tough.

Hose Repairs

While your vehicle may not always completely break down due to hose failure, driving with a bad hose can cause potential damage to your vehicle. Common signs of a hose problem include bulges or cracks present in the hose, leaks or steam coming from beneath your vehicle, or a non-working or poorly working air conditioner or heating system. If left unfixed, your car could easily overheat and stall. If your vehicle is experiencing a hose problem, our skilled technicians will help by obtaining a replacement hose and replacing it with your malfunctioning one. 

Slipping Clutch RecoveryStafford towing service

Clutch problems can occur at any time, no matter the mileage on your vehicle. Over time, the facings on the clutch begin to wear down, especially when driving in the city which requires a lot of stop-and-go activity. Sometimes it’s possible to make it home even when you’re experiencing clutch problems. However, excessively slipping the clutch can cause it to overheat, potentially ruining the disc, flywheel and/or pressure plate. In the event that you can’t drive due to a slipped clutch, we can assist you by towing your vehicle to your home or to an auto repair shop. 

Brake Repairs

The signs of worn brake pads are quite obvious. If you hear a high-pitched screech when you apply pressure to the brakes, it’s likely time to have your brake pads replaced. Other signs of faulty brake pads are a reduced responsiveness, pulling to either side while braking, vibrations, or a grinding or growling sound. If you need your brake pads replaced, call us to deliver new brake pads and we’ll replace them on your vehicle to ensure that your travels are safe.

Stafford Tow TruckUnauthorized Parking Towing

Having a total stranger park on your private property without your permission can be a pain to deal with. If you’re ever in this situation, Stafford Towing Service can help. Contact us and we’ll remove the vehicle from your property and store it until the owner collects it. He or she will be responsible for all towing and storage charges. We can also tow a vehicle that is blocking your driveway, but is on a public road, after you have contacted the police who will issue a ticket.

Heavy Duty Towing

We’re able to handle vehicles of all sizes. Our roadside assistants are Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) or WreckMaster-certified, and have the expertise to transport a wide range of vehicles, including tanks, cranes, train coaches, tractors, fork lift trucks, and more. We have all of the heavy lifting gear needed to safely and effectively tow large and/or heavy vehicles, including those that have been in an accident, such as sliding into a ditch or off a ramp.

Interested in one or more of our Stafford Towing services? To learn more about our extensive list of services, schedule a service appointment, or get emergency assistance day or night, contact our 24 hour business at 540-907-4544 or get a free instant quote online.


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