KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg

KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg

KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg is a 24-hour towing and roadside assistance service aimed at providing the highest quality of towing and car transportation services to the residents of Fredericksburg

KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg

KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg is a 24-hour towing and roadside assistance service. We have been operating in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for many years now. Our company has been providing the highest quality of towing and car transportation services to the residents of Fredericksburg since we opened our doors.

Our customized towing services accommodate any potential towing needs of our clients. We will cater to you if you get into an accident, need a tire change, or need your car transported. We provide all towing services from light towing, medium towing, and heavy-duty towing to luxury vehicle transportation and machine and equipment transportation.

All our towing services are available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our towing services include roadside assistance services like; battery jump starts, fuel delivery, tire changes, and keys lockout services, amongst others. To provide the most effective service delivery, we accommodate our clients by accepting payments made by all major credit cards or cash.

We ensure that our service delivery is very convenient and accounts for whatever your situation. Taking diverse payment modes helps us serve the many interests of all our customers in Fredericksburg, Va. We only employ the most qualified staff to handle all our client's needs. Our team comprises highly trained and licensed technicians with years of experience towing vehicles.

At KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg, we have implemented measures to ensure all client complaints are addressed and resolved. Call KJ Tow Trucks of Fredericksburg, Va if you require towing services.

Our Towing Services

We are the perfect place for anyone looking for reliable, efficient, and fast towing services. We have a wide range of towing services to cater to all your needs. Our towing services include; light duty towing, medium duty towing, heavy duty towing, and specialized towing services such as high-end car transportation and motorcycle towing. We also offer simple roadside assistance services like fuel delivery, tire changes, and battery jumpstarts. Our wide range of different tow trucks means that we can handle any towing job given to us.

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Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is a towing service typically used for smaller vehicles or motorcycles. Smaller cars are classified as 'light duty' tows; the term refers to the fact that these vehicles are not as heavy and challenging to tow as trailers and RVs. Our light-duty tow trucks can handle small to medium-sized jobs like accident recovery, traffic collisions, abandoned vehicles, or towing vehicles away from private property.

Medium Duty Towing

Medium-duty tow vehicles are bigger and more powerful than light-duty towing trucks but lighter and smaller than heavy-duty tow trucks. They can handle heavier loads like SUVs, motor homes, vans, and commercial vehicles. Medium-duty towing is your best option choice if your car is too large for a light-duty tow truck.

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Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy vehicles such as trailer trucks, construction equipment, semi-trucks, tractors, dump trucks, etc., require towing trucks with heavy-duty towing capacity. Heavy-duty towing services require heavy-duty tow trucks. These tow trucks can carry heavy vehicles easily because they usually weigh at least 26,000 lbs. KJ Tow Trucks of Fredericksburg, Va, tow trucks are operated by technicians with extensive knowledge of heavy engines and towing tactics for huge vehicles.

Our Roadside Assistance Services

As a driver, you know that you can encounter unexpected problems as you go about your business. Getting a flat tire or having your transmission develop issues and getting stuck on the road for hours is not uncommon. The solution to many of these day-to-day car issues is usually simple. The problem is that minor car issues can be significant inconveniences and may come with big expenses. Sometimes they can be dangerous to deal with unless you are a professional. We offer roadside assistance when you are stranded on the side of the road and need help with your vehicle. If your car breaks down, you have a flat tire, and you need a battery jumpstart, fuel delivered to you, or your vehicle needs towing, then our roadside assistance service has you covered.

Fuel Delivery Service

Sometimes you might run out of fuel before you get to your destination. You can run out of gas, and you are way out of town, and there is no gas station near you. If you run out of fuel, regardless of the time, call us, and we will bring you enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station. When you call us, specify your car's fuel, diesel or petrol. We would not want you to get stuck on the road more than you must because of a fuel mix-up.

Lockout Service

Keys getting locked in a car is a widespread occurrence among drivers. You might be in a hurry to get out of your vehicle and lock the keys inside. The temptation to try and get the keys is high, but this method might cost you more money for repairs. Luckily for our clients in Fredericksburg, Va, our experts are always on call for such instances. If you lock your keys inside your car, call us. Our professionals will extract your keys safely and securely without damaging your vehicle. You can always rely on us to get you going again at any time.

Tire Change Service

We know how stressful it can be when your tire bursts or deflates, especially if this happens when attending to urgent matters. Whenever you get a flat tire, get in touch with us, and one of our technicians will be available to install your spare tire. There might be circumstances when you have an uninflated spare tire, and one is unavailable, or the existing spare is ruled unsafe by the technician. In this case, you can get your car towed to an approved facility or garage of your choice to either replace or repair the tire.

Battery Jumpstart Service

Unpredictable battery behavior due to extreme weather conditions is expected. Scorching days and freezing nights will cause your battery to die. Our team at KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg, Va, can quickly jump-start any vehicle. We have jumper cables that can handle even the biggest vehicles. If your car does not start, we will jump-start your vehicle. If your vehicle still cannot jump-start, we will offer a car battery replacement at an affordable cost if available.

Jump start FredericksburgAt KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg, we also do minorĀ  auto repairs. Minor repairs are those adjustments that don't need parts. Our team of highly trained technicians and drivers can identify and sort the most common mechanical problems with vehicles. KJ roadside technicians will check wire connections, fluids, etc., repair what can be repaired, and get you back on the road in no time. Note that these minor repairs are most times temporary. It would be best if you got your car checked by professionals in an auto repair shop as soon as possible. If we cannot start your vehicle or it is unsafe to drive it, KJ can tow it to an auto repair shop of your choice.


Our customers are our number one priority at KJ Tow Truck of Fredericksburg. We care about our clients and work hard to provide stellar services for customer satisfaction. We have been a trusted member of the Fredericksburg community for many years and follow all local, state, and federal towing regulations. We are a licensed and insured business that you can trust to tow your vehicle anytime. We know that every client expects quality and efficient services, and our trained personnel deliver excellent services to all of our esteemed clients.

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