A Guide To Saving Money On Car Maintenance

With fuel prices constantly rising and repairs becoming more expensive than ever, there is a need for every owner to cut back on the costs of owning a car. You do not have to talk to your mechanic every time a problem comes up because there is a wide range of servicing and maintenance procedures that you can carry out by yourself. Remember, keeping your car in top condition all the time hinges on your ability to keep it well-serviced and constantly checked for any glitches that may hamper performance and impact negatively on the efficiency of its parts.

Here are several DIY maintenance tips you can carry out on your own.

1. Replacing your wiper blades

You are going to be using your blades a lot more during the fall that you do during other times, which is why you need to replace them annually. Most blades have the same length, but for some cars, the driver’s side will require a longer version, so you have to check before making a purchase. Keep in mind that if you own an SUV or station wagon, there will be a need for an additional blade for the back of the vehicle.

2. Fluids

When it is cold, you will need to replace your regular windshield washer fluid with solvents that suit that particular weather. This is not really a huge investment because most solvents cost between $2 and $3 per gallon. Check the level of anti-freeze fluid you have and if it is below what is recommended, pour an additional volume into the reservoir. Avoid pouring it into the radiator and do not mix different types, because some fluids, e.g. green and orange, should never be mixed. Your brake fluid levels will also drop considerably, so keep topping up. When the time between top-ups is too short, consider the possibility of a leak.

3. Keep an eye on your spare tire’s pressure

If the tire is situated beneath the car, always ensure that the cabling is working freely. For every 10-degree slump in temperatures, your pressure will drop by one pound per square inch. These drops can be really fast, so make a routine check once every week. Your recommended pressure is always indicated on your manual, so strive to keep it at the right level.

4. Lights and battery terminals need regular attention.

If your battery is loose or corroded, you are going to have a sizeable share of electrical and ignition glitches. Corrosion can be corrected by means of cheap brushes. Clean the opposite rods on the battery and reconnect everything tight. Additionally, buy replacements for your lighting. All of them have a reasonable pricing, except of course for headlight bulbs, which cost a bit steeper.

5. Taking care of air filters

Bad filters affect performance and lead to low fuel efficiency. Seek to replace yours twice every year. Depending on your car’s make and the brand of filters you go for, one can be as cheap as 15 dollars and as expensive as 50.

Maintaining your car on your own helps you avoid the frequent visits you make to the mechanic and the subsequent toll these visits have on your wallet.

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